The View from The Shard    

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The View from the Shard

Visit the View from the Shard with Discount London. Explore the Capital's skyline like never before from the top of the City's newest attraction. 

Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from London Bridge Station deep in the heart of the city, The Shard towers a thousand feet above the banks of the River Thames. Take in world famous scenes of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London then follow the river through Greenwich and past Canary Wharf as you enjoy unrivalled 360 degree views stretching for up to forty miles in every direction. 

Incredible panoramas including many of London's most iconic buildings such as St Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye can be seen clearly by both night and day from the state of the art viewing platform, specially designed to provide you with the most impressive sightseeing experience available in the Capital.  

The Shard is often referred to as Europe's first 'vertical city' and boasts of a range of bars, restaurants and shops as well as a five star hotel all contained inside its stunning glass facade that has quickly become one of the most recognisable sights in the city and can be considered a 'must see' on any trip to London.

Why not enjoy a glass of Lanson Champagne whilst taking in the view?  There is now a Champagne bar at the viewing platform and you will have the option to add on a glass when you book.


What is Included

Entrance to The View from The Shard

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Special Notes

Please note that tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable once booked.

All images for for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily represent the event.

Please note the following time changes:
31st October: Last admission 19:30
4th November: First admission 10.30
12th November: Last admission 16:30
15th November: Last admission 20:00
19th November: First admission 10.30
25th November: Last admission 16:30
27th November: Last admission 16:30
3rd December: Last admission 16:00
5th December: Last admission 19:30
6th December: Last admission 20:00
10th December: Last admission 16:30
11th December: Last admission 16:30
12th December: Last admission 19:30
13th December: Last admission 20:00
16th December: Last admission 15:30
17th December: Last admission 16:30
19th December: Last admission 19:30

PLEASE NOTE: you will be given the option to add on a glass of Champagne at The Shard when booking online but this can only be booked from 12pm.

In the unlikely event that you can't see at least three of the following landmarks - London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and One Canada Square - on the day of your visit, The View from The Shard will issue each member of your party with a ticket to return for free within three months. To claim your free return visit, speak to a staff member at the ticket desk on level 1 on the day of your visit.



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Customer Reviews

  • "Day out"

    "Very impressive building. Pity the weather was wet and cloudy but still managed to see quite a few of the landmarks. Expensive but worth a visit. "
    reviewed by: Micky & Minnie (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "The Shard"

    "The Shard was lovely! Staff were very helpful and kind! "
    reviewed by: Candy (Young Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Awesome View"

    "We went up the Shard on Sunday 2nd November and the system with the tickets and the time slots was very efficient. The guides in the lifts were very pleasant and informative. Although it had been raining and visibility wasn't as good as it would be on a dry clear day, it was a superb experience. Highlight was seeing a bird's eye view of the Tower of London with the poppies in the Moat. Would definitely recommend anyone to go up The Shard. "
    reviewed by: Pam (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "A GREAT day out"

    "Half term offer of kids go free was an added bonus. I had to change my booking and staff were very helpful and informative. Once at The Shard, the breathtaking experience, let alone the view, was one to treasure. Lift operators were jolly and full of information, the guy who runs the window cleaning of the building was also filling us with delightful nuggets of terror inducing daily exploits that he and his team carry out in a professional capacity! Once up on floor 72, with the sun blazing and the wind whipping us into a frenzy of excitement, we surveyed London in all its splendour. From Tower Bridge to the poppies and further up the Thames to the famous barrier that I visited when school age, we had a fantastic experience and can't wait to return, maybe this time at dusk! Well worth it."
    reviewed by: EMF (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "the view from the shard"

    "Fantastic day out, ease of exchanging voucher for tickets thoroughly enjoyed it."
    reviewed by: linda (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "shard"

    "Wonderful afternoon everything was well run and organized, you are not rushed once up the top we will be going again perhaps at night"
    reviewed by: julie (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "View from The Shard"

    "This was a present for my husband's birthday and it did not disappoint. It was very organised and all the staff were efficient and friendly. Spectacular views from the top."
    reviewed by: Barbara (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Amazing"

    "What a view. Wow. Absolutely amazing. Well impressed with the information provided from the viewing points. The Shard official guide book is very interesting and well worth the £10. An experience not to be missed. "
    reviewed by: Ali Rig (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "The View from the Shard"

    "I booked The View from the Shard as a birthday gift for my friend. We had a great day out and thoroughly enjoyed the Views from the Shard whilst we sipped a glass of champagne. Our viewing was in the afternoon and the day was hot and sunny so we could see the views very clearly. We will book again for an evening view, so we can see the stunning views all lit up. The booking was quick and simple booking through Discount London. The staff at the Shard were very professional and polite. A truly amazing visit and day out."
    reviewed by: Jules (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Brilliant "

    "Fantastic view, a little expensive. Such a shame that was very cloudy - apart of that everything was very nice. I loved the elevator, ceiling constantly changes images- very cool!! "
    reviewed by: NicoM (Young Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "View from the Shard"

    "it was really extremely interesting as the visibility was excellent. Amazing to look down on London and view it as you would a model village or train set lay out. I perhaps would like to revisit sometime at night. The merchandise on sale is extremely expensive for what it is and the Photographs even more so. I am sure a cheaper package would ensure greater sales in the future. On the whole, a really good experience. All the staff were pleasant and helpful."
    reviewed by: Juno in Aug 2014
  • "Lovely Experience"

    "I have to say that my grandson and I very much enjoyed the Shard experience. Everything was very well organised and the views were terrific, the guides were very knowledgable and friendly and answered all our questions. All in all a great trip."
    reviewed by: Bill (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Missed the Lightning Storm"

    "Amazing visit to The Shard but apparently we just missed the most fantastic lightning show. The rain showers did hamper the visit a bit but the sun shone through for a while which made all the difference. We had very good views on a very grey day so would imagine that the views on a brilliant, sunny and clear day would be stunning."
    reviewed by: Caro (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "View from the Shard"

    "A most wonderful happy experience. The views were tremendous. The Shard Staff could not be faulted. They were so kind and helpful. "
    reviewed by: Margaret in Aug 2014
  • "what a view"

    "We loved it the view was amazing didnt let us down. Make sure you go to the loo with a view. All the staff were great"
    reviewed by: craddock (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Amazing experience"

    "You just have to do this, it's well worth the money. The view is just spectacular. Even the ride in the lift was awesome."
    reviewed by: Woody (Young Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "visit to the sgard"

    "Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Very impressed with everything."
    reviewed by: woody (Senior Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Amazing!"

    "The view from the Shard was an amazing experience, we were so impressed that we were able to stay and enjoy the 360 degree views from the 72nd floor for as long as we liked. Going up on the lift was also an awesome experience. We still can't work out how we travelled (must have been catapulted lol) Highly recommends!"
    reviewed by: jax (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "The View from the Shard"

    "Thought it was really great. Everything was very well organised. Purchasing the tickets was easy."
    reviewed by: Kathryn Pates (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Amazing"

    "I ordered the View from the shard, everything was very straight forward. The price was very good for a London attraction. highly recommended. "
    reviewed by: cazah (Young Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "the shard"

    "I loved every minute of my birthday treat to the shard. Although we arrived earlier than our designated time slot we were allowed to go strait through. On the way up we sang "Happy Birthday" as there were 2 other people with birthdays that day in our lift. Met them again on floor 72 with our glasses of champagne in hand. It was a beautiful day and we could see for miles. Bought our photo at the end as a lasting reminder. We then had a pub lunch and spent the rest of the day on the south bank. Have visited many cities in the world but London is still my favourite,there's always something going on."
    reviewed by: hutch (Senior Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "Enzo Piano`s Magnificent Shard building."

    "fabulous views from The Shard. Well worth a visit great idea booking online. Hassle free."
    reviewed by: MARIE in Jul 2014
  • "Nice one !"

    "Nice transaction from start to finish, no problems, easy access to tickets, no problem at check in - lots of 'smiley' staff even in those temperatures !"
    reviewed by: Will in Jul 2014
  • "Shard"

    "Simple and efficient. A great experience."
    reviewed by: JB (Senior Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "The Shard"

    "What an excellent day out this was! Our visit to The Shard was thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile and made even more so by the very attentive staff who were exceptionally helpful and informative. I can definitely recommend a trip to The Shard."
    reviewed by: Family Fun (Mature Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "London 2014"

    reviewed by: Syd (Senior Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "Great experience"

    "Found the experience great fun and on the hottest day of the year could see for miles ..also the staff within The Shard were very attentive."
    reviewed by: Angie (Family with adult children) in Jul 2014
  • "great way to spend a spare hour"

    "With the offer of 'two kids go free per adult', during the May school holidays, The View from The Shard became reasonably priced! We all enjoyed our visit, even our 4yr old daughter, who usually doesn't like lifts (but declared the lifts at The Shard to be the best part of the trip)! It was perfect for us, as we didn't want a long, busy day out somewhere, but wanted to spend the day together. We drove into London on a bank holiday, parked nearby for £10, checked out all the landmarks from the top, got some great photos and was back near home by early lunchtime!"
    reviewed by: toni765 (Family with young children) in Jun 2014
  • "Fantastic"

    "What a lovely experience for us all myself, husband and 18 year old daughter the views spectacular and so well organised no hanging around."
    reviewed by: Ju (Family with adult children) in Jun 2014
  • "Amazing"

    "The most amazing view! The building is so swish and new. Worth a visit to the loo on you trip! "the view from the loo""
    reviewed by: terry (Family with young children) in Jun 2014
  • "the shard"

    "me and my son went up The Shard on Friday may 9th,,,and thoroughly enjoyed it,i was so amazed of the views that you can see from up there,,,parts of London i knew existed and never had seen before,,,,,,,,,was walking round and round picking out all the landmarks that i knew,then went to the very top...just couldn't believe i was right at the top of that building......i will be going up there again soon and taking my mum.,the speedy lift was great although it made your ears pop... i bought souvenirs from the shop even though they were a bit expensive and i thought £10 for a glass of champagne was a bit didn't get any,got a lovely souvenir though,,,i do recommend The Shard to everyone,it's a great day out!"
    reviewed by: eve (Mature Adults) in May 2014
  • "The View from the Shard"

    "Visiting and going up the Shard was a great experience and well recommended. We got there early for the first lift at 10a.m,there where no queues and only a few people on the viewing platforms which meant we could easily take in all the views of London. The weather was sunny and a little hazy but didn't affect our enjoyment. "
    reviewed by: Roadrunner (Senior Adults) in May 2014
  • ""

    "Excellent day shall certainly recommend to friends."
    reviewed by: Audrey.taylor (Mature Adults) in May 2014
  • "Day out at the Shard"

    "I have to say before I visited the Shard, I did wonder what all the fuss was about. But once I had stepped out of the lift to the viewing area and all I could say was WOW! The weather was amazing and the view we could see up to 35 miles away. Our slot was at 11am for 1 hour but we were in no way hurried away. All I can say it was an amazing experience."
    reviewed by: Loveheart23 in Apr 2014
    Discount London Reservations Manager responded to this review, 21 May 2014
    Seeing the whole of London really is a spectacle isn't it!
  • "Fantastic views"

    "Very expensive viewing platform of London. We did all enjoy it, and we chose a very lovely day to take in the views."
    reviewed by: Baghe in Apr 2014
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