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Ghost Bus Tour London Cheap Tickets - The Spookiest Bus in London

London Ghost Bus
Get cheap tickets & explore London's extra-terrestrial landmarks on a thrilling theatrical London Ghost Bus Tour of the city's spooky side...   

London Ghost Bus Tour offers provide a truly unique sightseeing experience showcasing a fascinating side of London's history. Embark on an immersive, themed and action packed adventure through the city's streets on board a vintage 1960's bus packed with a whole host of delights (and more than a few frights).

On-board actors and technical trickery combine to create a fright-filled tour like no other - a comedy horror show while you see the sights. The Ghost Bus Tour is the perfect way to experience London as the tour is designed to entertain and educate while providing a spooky theatrical experience you'll never forget! Sites of murder, torture, execution and supernatural activity are your destinations while a creepy conductor provides the commentary for this ghostly attraction.

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1. The London Ghost Bus Tour
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What's Included
- A tour of London with a terrifying twist!

We have 5 Reviews for The London Ghost Bus Tour

Amazing Fun!
Jj, 18/11/2017 (Young Adults)
A bit different, quirky and hilarious fun. Well worth it. Would recommend to all. Learned quite a lot about London too!

Good Fun
Anna, 01/11/2017 (Young Adults)
We went the day before Halloween and had a fully booked bus which was great fun. Especially the children on board made the whole tour a big laugh. The actress playing the conductor was amazing, and brought London's gruesome history to life. Highly recommended!

Creepy, Camp, and Quintessentially Comical
Hisshou, 17/10/2017 (Young Adults)
I booked this tour not really knowing what to expect. Most of the reviews I'd read were overwhelmingly positive, but every once in a while there were some people that sounded so dissatisfied with the experience I was doubtful how entertaining it would be. My worries were unfounded, however. The Ghost Bus Tour is an absolute Must Do Attraction in London for those interested in a bit of horror. With its excellent camp acting, typically British humour, and constant spooky vibe, the bus takes you on a wild ride through London's darkest secrets. Be warned, though: if you wish to hear a lot more about actual history, you're better off finding another tour. As the name implies, this is a ghost tour and, while it does focus on real tragic events with a hint of the supernatural, it is as such not a treatise on London's history. I do hope you're as lucky with your conductor guide as we were; all of us had an absolute blast and were chuckling about it for days after getting off the bus.

Fantastic Tour
Sue, 08/02/2017 (Family with adult children)
We had such a good time, the tour was informative but at the same time extremely funny and entertaining. Karen the tour guide was brilliant as were all the associates! Would definitely recommend.

Ghost Bus
Beige, 05/06/2016 (Family with young children)
My daughter had been on this when she was younger but had forgotten how it was and this had always been stuck in her mind so now she was older she wanted the experience again and really enjoyed it with a few screams.