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9 most popular places to have your picture taken in London

9 most popular places to have your picture taken in London

It might not be cool to do it, but sometimes you just have to line up for that tacky photo that everyone else is posing for. These are the ones that people back at home are most interested in seeing, where they have visible proof that you have actually been to the famous place that you claim to have visited. 

As a light interlude this week we're featuring the most popular photo locations in London. I expect you'll recognise all of these scenes instantly and you may even have posed in front of these iconic London landmarks/objects yourself! 

We are also convinced that there are many more that you would consider popular hot-spots, we're keen for you to share these on our Facebook, Twitter posts or please e-mail me 

1. In front of Big Ben

2. On Westminster Bridge with London Eye as backdrop

3.By the Trafalgar Square lions

4.In front of Buckingham Palace

5.Taking a 'selfie' on a River Thames lunch cruise 

6. Crossing the road at the Abbey Road zebra crossing

7. In front of Tower Bridge

8. Next to a solider in a red coat

9. Inside a red phone box

Credits for Flickr Photos: 
Davide D'Amico – black and white tourists
troubadour – Big Ben
PhillipC – Westminster Bridge
ianbruce – Trafalgar Lions
William Wan – Buckingham Palace
reservasdecoches, - Tower Bridge
Shht!, - Abbey Road crossing 
Rev Stan – Soldier, red coat, tourists 
08 May 2017
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