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Why take a Thames River Cruise?

Why take a Thames River Cruise?

When you've covered as much of Central London as you can by foot or by Tube, it pays to consider the city's riverboats as a great way of getting around while relaxing and seeing London from another angle. Regular hop-on/hop-off cruisers make their way between Westminster and Greenwich. You can board outside the London Eye and sit down with a refreshing drink while watching the sights of the city from the river.

Here are 10 reasons why taking a boat can be the best transport option in London.

1. It's a better alternative to the underground or buses for getting around the city (especially to and from Greenwich).

2. You can enjoy an uninterrupted view of many of the buildings of the London skyline as you travel along the river.

3. You are guaranteed to get a seat. There is no hanging on to an overhead rail or being squashed against a door when you take the boat across the city.

4. You won't get stuck in traffic. Even with London's Congestion Charge getting stuck on the busiest streets can mean it takes over an hour to get between major sights.

5. There's something different (even exciting) for most of us about riding on a boat. It doesn't matter if it's only for 15 minutes; it's something we typically only do on holiday.

6. The boat passes under many of the city's bridges and you can get perhaps the best pictures of Tower Bridge as you pass under the central arch of the bridge. If you're really lucky you may even be on the water when the bridge is lifted to allow a tall ship through.

7. The boat is actually a quick way to get around London, usually taking less time than any surface transport option and not much slower than the Underground.

8. The commentary on the boats does provide a few pieces of London trivia that even most lifelong London residents don't know.

9. You can get a cup of tea or coffee on the boat while travelling across the city - perfect for a winter's day.

10. You can choose between an open and covered deck to make the most of the changeable London weather.

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13 February 2017
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