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Kensington Palace London Tickets & Offers - A portal into the past

Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace has a rich royal history. It can boast of being the birth place of Queen Victoria and the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Explore their vast state apartments which contain an array of beautiful paintings and sculptures.

New Exhibition - Happy 200th, Queen Victoria!
On the 24 May 1819, Princess Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, an infant who would one-day rule over the largest empire the world had ever known. To mark the bicentenary of this event, Historic Royal Palaces will open two new displays charting her childhood and her life and influence as Queen. These exhibitions are included in admission and are guaranteed to add value to groups visits. Group and tour operators can create a perfect Victorian package, combining the palace with an elegant afternoon tea at the Pavilion.

Victoria; A royal childhood. The exhibits will reveal the world of the lively and creative princess and delve into her family life, friendships and bitter struggles during her upbringing under the strict “Kensington System”.

Victoria; Woman and crown – New for 2019, visitors can continue to explore the story of Queen Victoria; in this temporary exhibition discover the private woman behind the crown. How did Victoria balance her role as Queen, wife and mother? Within these displays visitors will learn how she harnessed the new age of photography to project an image of Imperial power across continents and document the minutia of family life.

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1. Kensington Palace Entrance Tickets
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- Entrance to Kensington Palace
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