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Monopoly Lifesized - City Board

Book cheap tickets for Monopoly Lifesized - City Board in London. Experience Monopoly Lifesized in the heart of London on Tottenham Court Road and be blown away by our exciting gameplay and in-house bar and restaurant, The Top Hat.

Let Mr. Monopoly and his Playing Tokens be your guides as you spend 80 exhilarating minutes building houses, charging rent and trying to escape jail, while earning as much money as you can by completing escape room challenges as you travel around the lifesized board!

Choose between putting on the glitz on our LUXURY Board as you see behind the scenes of Mr. Monopoly’s bank and get a taste of the finer things in life. Dare you attempt the stealth-based laser challenge?

Or take to the streets as you hurtle through the London Landmark-inspired challenge rooms and compete for glory in the dance-off challenge on our CITY Board!

Or simply relive your favourite Monopoly memories on our CLASSIC Board, you’ll never get bored with three exciting editions to choose from!

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