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Friday Nights at Thorpe Park

Fright Night

At FRIGHT NIGHTS 2019 your darkest nightmares are set to reawaken as the UK’s premier award-winning Halloween event returns.  Prepare to push your fear endurance to the limit and survive 8 horrifying scare attractions this October including TWO brand new terrifying live-action horror experiences.

Step on to the Island after dark this Halloween season and subject yourself to the mercy of FEAR – the all-seeing, omnipresent puppet-master of FRIGHT NIGHTS and orchestrator of your darkest and most deep-set anxieties. From ravenous Walkers and spine-tingling spirits to blood-curdling curses and man-eating maniacs, this year come face to face with terror and submit yourself to FEAR

Then tell us, how much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? Hacking their way into the old abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill in 2019, tread carefully past a deranged family of lumberjacks lest you find yourself chugging gasoline fumes on the wrong end of a chainsaw! Who will survive…and what will be left of them? Brace yourself and prepare for the gruesome worst as you take on more chainsaw massacre madness than ever before in Creek Freak Massacre.

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1. Friday Nights at Thorpe Park
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