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  • Fast Track Entrance to the Tower of London (through the pre-paid desk)

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Save 24%, that’s a £5.30 saving per adult off the gate price when you book online

The ancient stones reverberate with dark secrets, priceless jewels glint in fortified vaults and ravens strut the grounds.  The Tower of London, founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7, is one of the world’s most famous fortresses yet despite its grim reputation as a place of torture and death, there are so many more stories to be told.

The world famous collection of fabulous finery and regalia – the Crown Jewels housed in a Jewel House, fit for the 21st century, explores the importance of the Crown Jewels to the British monarchy, the role of the Tower in protecting these treasures and the long and fascinating tradition of coronations in England. The priceless collection holds some of the most legendary and extraordinary diamonds in the world.  The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London are a unique working collection of royal regalia and are still regularly used by the Queen in important national ceremonies, such as the State opening of Parliament.

A castle built to strike fear and submission into the unruly citizens of London and deter foreign invaders - today you cannot miss the iconic White Tower, a symbol of London and Britain, overlooking the River Thames. 

See The Royal Beasts - sculptures of the lions, baboons, an elephant and even a polar bear; and discover how they came to be at the Tower and what became of them in a fascinating exhibit in the Brick Tower.  Hear the amazing tales of how the animals were fed, watered and housed as well as various unfortunate incidents when the public got a little too close!

Beefeater tours - Share the secrets of one thousand years of royal gossip and intrigue with a Beefeater, or to give them their proper title ‘Yeoman Warder'.  This body of men and one woman has guarded the fortress for centuries. Take one of their tours and you'll be amazed and possibly appalled by tales that have been passed down for generations. Pain and passion, treachery and torture, all delivered with their inimitable style!

Our discounted Tower of London tickets are valid for entry to the Tower and Crown Jewels any time on your chosen date. 


Special Notes

Please note that fast track entry for the Tower of London means that you can enter through the pre-paid desk so will not need to queue at the standard ticket entry desk.  However, there may still be some queuing involved once you have collected your tickets depending on how busy the attraction is.  There may also be queues at the individual exhibitions within the attraction.


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Customer Reviews

Reviews 1 - 20 of 124.
  • "Tower of London - excelent"

    "The whole experience from booking to collecting tickets was excelent would recommend to friends and family"
    reviewed by: Sue (Mature Adults) in Jan 2015
  • "Whistle Stop Tower of London Tour"

    "Value for money and the bonus is that it wasn't crowded. Plenty to see, just didn't have enough time to see all. A return visit is definitely scheduled in the near future."
    reviewed by: Thelma and Louise do London (Mature Adults) in Jan 2015
  • "Will use again!"

    "When friends came to stay from California, one of the 'must see' items on their list was the Tower of London. Booking the tickets couldn't have been easier, and the £5 each we saved went towards traditional fish and chips for lunch! I will definately use Discount London again."
    reviewed by: Geri (Mature Adults) in Jan 2015
  • "Tower Of London"

    "We went to the tower on 2 January 2015, we were very lucky with the weather. There were queues into a number of the towers and/or exhibitions and we didn't get to see the Crown Jewels as the queue was ridiculously long. However we did see everything else and overall had an enjoyable day out. There is a £5 saving on the gate prices so it is well worth booking in advance through discount London."
    reviewed by: Loobylou (Mature Adults) in Jan 2015
  • "Tower of London Review "

    "Ticket pre-booking processes was very easy. However, didn't give the online option for a family ticket ( 2 adults and 2 children) and we noticed this option was available at the actual ticket office. The Tower is an excellent attraction with lots to see. One tip that worked really well for us was to get there early ( 10.00 am) and immediately visit the Crown Jewels and the White Tower. This way we missed all the long queues that developed later as the large groups arrived. We had a very pleasant day and this attraction is excellent value for money "
    reviewed by: Cheshire Team (Family with young children) in Jan 2015
  • "Good service"

    "Booked these tickets a few days before travelling and printed off via an email. Not hassle at Tower of London went to the Group Booking office and they issued me with tickets etc. A good service and £5 cheaper than at the Tower. Will use again - thank you"
    reviewed by: TAMTAM (Family with teenagers) in Dec 2014
  • "Wonderful day"

    "We had a wonderful day around the Tower of London. The Crown Jewels were amazing to see. So much history to see at the Tower too. Had photo taken with one of the Beef Eaters. Booking through Discount London we had no waiting to buy tickets and were able to go straight in. Would certainly do this again for other visits to London. "
    reviewed by: Nanny (Mature Adults) in Dec 2014
  • "Great value!"

    "Fantastic price, no queues, so easy to book, why pay full price???"
    reviewed by: PJ (Mature Adults) in Dec 2014
  • "great trip!"

    "Travelled to London for day out from South Yorkshire on 10 Nov, primarily to see the poppies which were wonderful, inspiring and touching. The Tower of London visit was hugely enjoyable - I only had 2 and a half hours which isn't enough. Could have easily spent another hour at least there - didn't have time to walk on the walls. All aspects were first class - my favourite was seeing the crown jewels. Interesting to see the Line of the Kings, all the armour in the White Tower, ravens. Museum attendants and Beefeaters informative and friendly. Would thoroughly recommend this - tips, stay close to the Beefeater to be able to hear the commentary and give yourself 3.5-4 hours to do the Tower justice."
    reviewed by: gillybilly (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Our day in the Tower"

    "We revisted the Tower which we had not seen for a decade or two and as a couple of Seniors (totalling 156 years!) were immensely impressed by what is on offer. Vast improvements on previous visits were the simple explanatory notes at different sites, the video films short enough for the visitor to find interesting and informative without being boring, and the wall walks leading from one historic tower to an even more fascinating one. Of particular interest to us as Catholics were the many indications of Catholics martyred during Henry VIII's and Elizabeth I's "glorious" reigns, their names being etched into the wall of the prisons and various religious signs like IHS (the first three Greek letters for Jesus) and AMDG (Ad majorem Dei Gloriam - to the greater glory of God). We found this very moving. Added bonus of course was the Moat of poppies. Thank you Discount-London for a great offer."
    reviewed by: Recusant (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "really interesting"

    "Aside from the WW1 centenary Poppies, which really stole the show, The tower is full of interesting things to see. From Ann Boleyn's beheading location, the Tower where the Yorkist Princes disappeared, the crown Jewels, to traitors gate, the walk round the walls and loads of other things. We were there 3 hours which wasn't enough time but had a train to catch. I would think we'd have easily filled another 2 hours. Also lots of little displays re snapshots in the history of the tower, people dressed in period costume and the wonderfully entertaining beefeaters tour"
    reviewed by: LisaB (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Tower of London visit"

    "We all had a great time the yeoman guard tour was very informative we found the poppy installation awe inspiring, the roll call and bugle playing very moving."
    reviewed by: A.J. (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "Visit to the Poppy display and the Tower of London"

    "We had a lovely day as a family and were able to benefit from our Tower Of London visit with spectacular views of the Poppies. The fast track ticket meant that we avoided any queues and got additional views from the castle walls. We ordered them online and they arrived promptly. There was a lot of information at each display inside the tower as well as staff on hand to offer advice. The Crown Jewels exhibition was fascinating and worth the wait - about 10 minutes. We had a snack at the cafe - the food was reasonably priced. The tour would be extremely difficult for anyone with walking difficulties / mobility issues as there were quite a few steps to climb and a lot of walking on the uneven cobbled areas. Very good value for money."
    reviewed by: vuvuzela (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Great Day Out"

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Tower of London. Booking procedure was very easy and efficiently handled and no queuing for tickets when we arrived, we just handed in our e-ticket to collect them. Being able to view 'The Poppies' as well was marvellous. Thank you. "
    reviewed by: J & M (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "A Fantastic Day Out - Excellent Value"

    "Although i'd been to London many times before i'd never been to the Tower of London but decide to visit this attraction on a recent day trip. We waited when we went into the Tower and joined one of the guided tours. Bob was our guide and he was excellent. The tour was interesting and geared to suit all ages, my grandson aged 10 wanted to be at the front of the crowd at each venue not to miss anything. This was definitely one of the best attractions I have been to when in London. It was worth every penny but be warned allow yourself plenty of time to see everything - I'd say a good 3 to 4 hours. "
    reviewed by: mgt (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "Fantastic"

    "We had an amazing day. The poppies were beautiful and inspirational. The Crown Jewels are beautiful. All in all a fantastic trip. Thank you Discount London. "
    reviewed by: Anna and Sarah (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "View the Poppies"

    "Even though the crowds milling around the Tower were horrendous it was relatively easy to find the voucher office to obtain our entrance tickets. The whole process took a couple of minutes. The subsequent tour of the attraction took approximately three hours and we were fortunate enough to join one of the Beefeater guided tours on entry. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day made easier by being able to book for the Tower tour online which meant less queuing at the ticket office. Next time we are returning to the capital and are looking for tickets to any of the attractions I will most definitely use the Discount London website again."
    reviewed by: Poppies (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Visiting the Old Times"

    "Had a great time visiting one of the most famous landmarks in London, the Tower of London. Lots of history about English Royalty and seeing the Crown Jewels. Allow a lot of time as we ran out. "
    reviewed by: Nicky (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "excellent"

    "Ordering and receipt of the tickets was quick and easy. We were able to get access to see much more of the poppies without queuing. "
    reviewed by: bezzah (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Poppy day"

    "Wanted to see the poppies and decided to go to the Tower as hadn't been for a long time. Had an amazing day. Saw lots that we didn't even remember seeing. The Poppies were an experience I will never forget. It was so easy to get the tickets too. "
    reviewed by: Jok (Family with adult children) in Nov 2014
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