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What's Included

  • Fast Track Entrance to the Tower of London (through the pre-paid desk)

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Tower of London - HM Tower of London, London, EC3N 4AB
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The ancient stones reverberate with dark secrets, priceless jewels glint in fortified vaults and ravens strut the grounds.  The Tower of London, founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7, is one of the world’s most famous fortresses yet despite its grim reputation as a place of torture and death, there are so many more stories to be told.

The world famous collection of fabulous finery and regalia – the Crown Jewels housed in a Jewel House, fit for the 21st century, explores the importance of the Crown Jewels to the British monarchy, the role of the Tower in protecting these treasures and the long and fascinating tradition of coronations in England. The priceless collection holds some of the most legendary and extraordinary diamonds in the world.  The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London are a unique working collection of royal regalia and are still regularly used by the Queen in important national ceremonies, such as the State opening of Parliament.

A castle built to strike fear and submission into the unruly citizens of London and deter foreign invaders - today you cannot miss the iconic White Tower, a symbol of London and Britain, overlooking the River Thames.  From July 2013, inside you will find the world’s oldest visitor attraction, The Line of Kings.  A line of wooden horses, their garish colours and wild expressions somewhat incongruous in amongst the majestic suits of armour, this is the surviving remnant of one of the oldest - and oddest - collections at the Tower. From murky beginnings as the Horse Armoury it is part propaganda, part fantasy, and the longest running visitor attraction in the world. 

The Royal Beasts return to the Tower, London's original zoo!   See sculptures of the lions, baboons, an elephant and even a polar bear; discover how they came to be at the Tower and what became of them in a fascinating exhibit in the Brick Tower.  Hear the amazing tales of how the animals were fed, watered and housed as well as various unfortunate incidents when the public got a little too close! 

Coins and kings; the Royal Mint at the Tower,  originally located for over 500 years an exhibit devoted to telling the history of the Mint at the Tower will open in May 2013.  Explore six key 'moments'  including Isaac Newton's efforts to rid London of counterfeiters when he was Warden of the Mint, learn of Edward I's harsh punishments for people who tampered with his coins, Elizabeth I's restoration of the coinage following her father Henry VIII’s disastrous meddling, and Charles II's rejection of Commonwealth money.  

Beefeater tours - Share the secrets of one thousand years of royal gossip and intrigue with a Beefeater, or to give them their proper title ‘Yeoman Warder'.  This body of men and one woman has guarded the fortress for centuries. Take one of their tours and you'll be amazed and possibly appalled by tales that have been passed down for generations. Pain and passion, treachery and torture, all delivered with their inimitable style!

This is just a taster, there is much more in the Medieval Palace, Bloody Tower, on Tower Green see the Ravens and walk along the ancient walls……… 

Our discounted Tower of London tickets are valid for entry to the Tower and Crown Jewels any time on your chosen date.  


Special Notes

Please note that fast track entry for the Tower of London means that you can enter through the pre-paid desk so will not need to queue at the standard ticket entry desk.  However, there may still be some queuing involved once you have collected your tickets depending on how busy the attraction is.  There may also be queues at the individual exhibitions within the attraction.


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Customer Reviews

  • "great trip!"

    "Travelled to London for day out from South Yorkshire on 10 Nov, primarily to see the poppies which were wonderful, inspiring and touching. The Tower of London visit was hugely enjoyable - I only had 2 and a half hours which isn't enough. Could have easily spent another hour at least there - didn't have time to walk on the walls. All aspects were first class - my favourite was seeing the crown jewels. Interesting to see the Line of the Kings, all the armour in the White Tower, ravens. Museum attendants and Beefeaters informative and friendly. Would thoroughly recommend this - tips, stay close to the Beefeater to be able to hear the commentary and give yourself 3.5-4 hours to do the Tower justice."
    reviewed by: gillybilly (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Tower of London visit"

    "We all had a great time the yeoman guard tour was very informative we found the poppy installation awe inspiring, the roll call and bugle playing very moving."
    reviewed by: A.J. (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "really interesting"

    "Aside from the WW1 centenary Poppies, which really stole the show, The tower is full of interesting things to see. From Ann Boleyn's beheading location, the Tower where the Yorkist Princes disappeared, the crown Jewels, to traitors gate, the walk round the walls and loads of other things. We were there 3 hours which wasn't enough time but had a train to catch. I would think we'd have easily filled another 2 hours. Also lots of little displays re snapshots in the history of the tower, people dressed in period costume and the wonderfully entertaining beefeaters tour"
    reviewed by: LisaB (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Our day in the Tower"

    "We revisted the Tower which we had not seen for a decade or two and as a couple of Seniors (totalling 156 years!) were immensely impressed by what is on offer. Vast improvements on previous visits were the simple explanatory notes at different sites, the video films short enough for the visitor to find interesting and informative without being boring, and the wall walks leading from one historic tower to an even more fascinating one. Of particular interest to us as Catholics were the many indications of Catholics martyred during Henry VIII's and Elizabeth I's "glorious" reigns, their names being etched into the wall of the prisons and various religious signs like IHS (the first three Greek letters for Jesus) and AMDG (Ad majorem Dei Gloriam - to the greater glory of God). We found this very moving. Added bonus of course was the Moat of poppies. Thank you Discount-London for a great offer."
    reviewed by: Recusant (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Fantastic"

    "We had an amazing day. The poppies were beautiful and inspirational. The Crown Jewels are beautiful. All in all a fantastic trip. Thank you Discount London. "
    reviewed by: Anna and Sarah (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "A Fantastic Day Out - Excellent Value"

    "Although i'd been to London many times before i'd never been to the Tower of London but decide to visit this attraction on a recent day trip. We waited when we went into the Tower and joined one of the guided tours. Bob was our guide and he was excellent. The tour was interesting and geared to suit all ages, my grandson aged 10 wanted to be at the front of the crowd at each venue not to miss anything. This was definitely one of the best attractions I have been to when in London. It was worth every penny but be warned allow yourself plenty of time to see everything - I'd say a good 3 to 4 hours. "
    reviewed by: mgt (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "Great Day Out"

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Tower of London. Booking procedure was very easy and efficiently handled and no queuing for tickets when we arrived, we just handed in our e-ticket to collect them. Being able to view 'The Poppies' as well was marvellous. Thank you. "
    reviewed by: J & M (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Visit to the Poppy display and the Tower of London"

    "We had a lovely day as a family and were able to benefit from our Tower Of London visit with spectacular views of the Poppies. The fast track ticket meant that we avoided any queues and got additional views from the castle walls. We ordered them online and they arrived promptly. There was a lot of information at each display inside the tower as well as staff on hand to offer advice. The Crown Jewels exhibition was fascinating and worth the wait - about 10 minutes. We had a snack at the cafe - the food was reasonably priced. The tour would be extremely difficult for anyone with walking difficulties / mobility issues as there were quite a few steps to climb and a lot of walking on the uneven cobbled areas. Very good value for money."
    reviewed by: vuvuzela (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Great Day Out"

    "Fantastic day out but allow plenty of time to see all that is on offer."
    reviewed by: Caz (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "Poppy visit"

    "Impressed by the ease of use of the e-voucher. No queuing to get it changed for tickets. Just straight in to the Tower of London. Will use Discount London again."
    reviewed by: Sandy (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Fab day out "

    "Half term can be so expensive so a great day and value for money are essential. My daughter and I went to the tower and saw the poppies too, the place was quite quiet as it was not the same half term for everyone else. My daughter was able to see everything clearly, and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was easy to book, and you guys make everything so easy to book. Thank you"
    reviewed by: Debbzzi (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "Overwhelming Poppies and history of the Tower."

    "Excellent viewing and history of the Tower and all it's 'inmates' and visitors from the past. Well laid out and informative. The restaurant food and organisation was excellent. Not easy on old legs for climbing the many stairs but well worth the effort. A five star tourist attraction for all ages."
    reviewed by: Babs in Nov 2014
  • "Crown Jewels"

    "Purchasing in advance was so much easier and giving us a discount for the entrance admission charge was substantial, we found out all around the venue the elevated prices for foods drinks etc. We thank you and we will book with you again in the future "
    reviewed by: The Lighthouse (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Poppy day"

    "Wanted to see the poppies and decided to go to the Tower as hadn't been for a long time. Had an amazing day. Saw lots that we didn't even remember seeing. The Poppies were an experience I will never forget. It was so easy to get the tickets too. "
    reviewed by: Jok (Family with adult children) in Nov 2014
  • "excellent"

    "Ordering and receipt of the tickets was quick and easy. We were able to get access to see much more of the poppies without queuing. "
    reviewed by: bezzah (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Visiting the Old Times"

    "Had a great time visiting one of the most famous landmarks in London, the Tower of London. Lots of history about English Royalty and seeing the Crown Jewels. Allow a lot of time as we ran out. "
    reviewed by: Nicky (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "View the Poppies"

    "Even though the crowds milling around the Tower were horrendous it was relatively easy to find the voucher office to obtain our entrance tickets. The whole process took a couple of minutes. The subsequent tour of the attraction took approximately three hours and we were fortunate enough to join one of the Beefeater guided tours on entry. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day made easier by being able to book for the Tower tour online which meant less queuing at the ticket office. Next time we are returning to the capital and are looking for tickets to any of the attractions I will most definitely use the Discount London website again."
    reviewed by: Poppies (Senior Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Wonderful Day!"

    "Easy booking, discounted tickets, no queuing, wonderful happy family!!"
    reviewed by: KH (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "tower of london"

    "I was a bit concerned about booking and paying for our tickets online. However the site is very easy to use and it was all completely stress free. Would strongly recommend."
    reviewed by: wolfenden famiky (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "Special occassion. "

    "Excellent value for money. Although have to say the poppies made our day. Such a wonderful idea to commemorate such a sad loss to our country. Bought 2 poppies for my children some months back and felt very humbled that we will receive these. "
    reviewed by: BeeBee (Family with adult children) in Nov 2014
  • "Smug"

    "We decided to visit the Tower of London on one of the busiest weekends of the year, to see the Poppies in all their glory. How smug did we feel when we wafted by the 20/30 deep queues and went straight up the the group ticket desk for our entrance tickets. And what I saved paid for our guide books. Thanks for making it all so easy. would I use Discount London again? Absolutely. Would I recommend Discount London? Absolutely. In the words of "Arnie" in the Terminator "I'll be back" "
    reviewed by: Shoepigeon (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "Brilliant - No queueing!"

    "Booked online. Tickets emailed within 10 minutes. Arrived on an extremely busy day. Followed directions to group entry. No queue whatsoever just handed in ticket and walked straight in. Excellent."
    reviewed by: fizzywig in Nov 2014
  • "poppies"

    "Came to look at poppies which were excellent. Tower was great just the queue for crown jewels and white tower far too big so missed that."
    reviewed by: Jules (Family with teenagers) in Nov 2014
  • "Remembrance at the Tower of London"

    "We went out on Saturday 1st Nov to see the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. It was a great day out despite having to queue because of the poppy display around the Tower which had brought people out in droves to see it. There was a ww1 re-enactment which was both informative but also quite humorous. Definitely worth a visit!"
    reviewed by: Waytogo (Family with young children) in Nov 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Very easy to book tickets for local attractions with you, did not have to queue as there was so many people there because of the poppies display. Will definitely book with you for any future visits to London attractions."
    reviewed by: Patsy (Mature Adults) in Nov 2014
  • "great day out"

    "We really enjoyed our day at the Tower. The guided tour was informative and amusing. The poppy display was very beautiful and moving and the crown jewels were impressive. It was a shame about the queues but I suppose it was half term."
    reviewed by: Val in Nov 2014
  • "Tower of London tickets"

    "Fantastic service from Discount London. Really enjoyed visiting the Tower and seeing the beautiful poppies. Will use Discount London again."
    reviewed by: fish22 (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "A great day at the Tower of London"

    "We had an excellent day at the Tower on 28th October. It was very easy to pick up our tickets and we were able to get access via the Group Ticket entrance, which saved time and avoided the queues. Thanks Discount London for a great day out!"
    reviewed by: Gareth (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Great guide"

    "The tickets were a good price for three adults and one child. Our very informative Beefeater guide called John was very good and funny. He made it very enjoyable."
    reviewed by: Oscar (Family with young children) in Oct 2014
  • "Amazing "

    "What a brilliant site .. Thousands of people there, the longest queues for tickets I have ever seen. We waited 15-20mins with our tickets , no hassle at all!! "
    reviewed by: Shell in Oct 2014
  • "Excellent Service"

    "We booked everything online and the savings we made paid for our London parking, no mean feat when you consider parking charges in the capital. I would recommend Discount London to anybody"
    reviewed by: Blueboy (Family with teenagers) in Oct 2014
  • "Tower of London Tickets"

    "If you want to see London at its historic finest, you won't do better than to take a tour of the Tower. Good value and everything well displayed and labelled."
    reviewed by: Davidorro (Senior Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "POPPIES. CROWN JEWELS & WW1 Exhibition"

    "Everything went according to plan. We presented our e-booking at the Group ticket office as instructed. There was no waiting in a queue to obtain our entry tickets - speedy and efficient way of booking. I was accompanied by my 14-year old granddaughter, who loved the yeoman of the guard's gory stories and she found the armoury in the White Tower fascinating. I wanted to see the poppies and wasn't disappointed - the view from various points was spectacular. We both loved the crown jewels exhibition and the 15-minute wait to get into the building was well worth it. The armoury cafe was very crowded - not enough seats even on a Tuesday afternoon, but otherwise our visit to the Tower of London was a great success. "
    reviewed by: Glenys (Family with teenagers) in Oct 2014
  • "A day in the tower"

    "We arrived after a 3 hour journey, absolutely no queuing as we presented our online booking directly to the entrance. We immediately joined a Tower Warden tour which was a fun and excellent introduction and then visited all the attractions over the next 2 hours, long queues for the Crown Jewels but otherwise all very easy. The photos of WW1 troops training outside the tower were particularly interesting as was the video of how the poppies were made. The White Tower was quite a challenge over 3 floors, masses of armour etc but we did see the execution block and axe which was gruesome and relevant. A welcome cup of tea in the cafe completed our visit. The River of Blood poppies were stunning and very moving and made a memorable end to an excellent day"
    reviewed by: The day trippers (Senior Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Fantastic day out!!"

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Tower of London, lots to do and see, we had a brilliant time!!"
    reviewed by: Raine (Family with young children) in Oct 2014
  • "A great day out"

    "We booked Tower of London tickets because we were travelling to London to look at the spectacular and moving poppy display. I had never been in the Tower before and it was so much more impressive than I had expected. The crown jewels and other royal items are beautiful and Dave the beefeater was informative and hilarious! Would recommend it to anyone."
    reviewed by: Jude and Ray (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Great day out at the Tower of London "

    "Was a great day out, especially seeing all the poppies on display for commemorating WWI. Was good being able to skip the ticket purchase line with this voucher! Lots of history at the Tower of London and so very interesting. Especially enjoyed the tour by the beefeater!"
    reviewed by: Amy (Young Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "We had a fantastic day. It was so easy to exchange tickets at the Tower of London site, no quibbles! The poppies were amazing and we felt humbled by the amount as each one represented someone who had lost their life. We will use Discount London again because it's idiot proof and just so easy, no stress and no hassle!"
    reviewed by: Tracey (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "great day out"

    "we originally went down to see the poppies, which are fantastic :) but then decided to purchase tickets for the Tower of London, so glad I did, we had four hours of learning so much, which seems ridiculous as I have lived in London for most of my life and had never been before!! Glorious day out, made even better by booking through London Discount, I would highly recommend this as a great day out :)"
    reviewed by: jojo (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Superb Day at The Tower"

    "A brilliant day at The Tower of London. Booked tickets with Discount London which was hassle free. Will always use this service. Thank you."
    reviewed by: Michael (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Amazing"

    "It's a very fabulous place, one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen."
    reviewed by: Reham (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Excellent day out, even though it rained was a worthwhile trip. The Poppies are amazing and again worth the wait to see the crown jewels. The Tower Tour host was brilliant and his speech fun. Thoroughly recommend to book with Discount London before you go to get the tickets approx. £5 cheaper than on the day and hassle free with no queues."
    reviewed by: Angel in Oct 2014
  • "A day to remember."

    "The weather was sunny and warm which added even more pleasure to our day at the Tower of London. We decided to tour with the Beefeater, who was clear, knowledgeable and very witty, which made our one hour stay with him go very quickly. We then walked around by ourselves and enjoyed every minute, even the torture chamber, which needed only a little imagination! Seeing the poppies was splendid and emotional, all in all, a wonderful day."
    reviewed by: Rod and Ged (Senior Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Easy and great value"

    "Easy to purchase, easy to use. Great value and no need to queue when you get there!!! "
    reviewed by: Susiebygie (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Fab day out"

    "Thank you, we had an amazing day at the Tower of London. We bought the tickets on line from discount London, and recurred a prompt e mail with our tickets which we took to the pre paid and group kiosk, saving not only £5 each but also at least 15 minutes by avoiding the queues. Will definitely check out this site before our next trip. "
    reviewed by: Jackie (Mature Adults) in Oct 2014
  • "Quintessential London tourist stop"

    "Had a marvelous visit with my adult son. Highly recommend for any tourist especially if history buff. The Beefeater led tour is great."
    reviewed by: Leslie (Family with adult children) in Sep 2014
  • "Great visit"

    "We had a great time, I visited with my family. It was utterly value for money. We would love to visit again in future."
    reviewed by: Taa (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Really enjoyed the day out. The poppy display looks amazing."
    reviewed by: Rachel (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Discount tickets"

    "We wanted to see the Poppies at the Tower and decided to get tickets and do the whole of the Tower of London. The web site was extremely easy to use and as quoted the tickets arrived on time. We found that we could virtually walk straight in not having to queue. We also saved money on the tickets so what a bonus. Would definitely use this site again and advise our friends to do so."
    reviewed by: Jane (Senior Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London "

    "Fantastic day out. Great to see the result from all the hard work placing the poppies around the tower. Highly recommend the whole experience. Hope to return again soon "
    reviewed by: Angie (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "A great day out made easy and hassle free. "

    "We booked online and printed out the confirmation. It was great to have no queues and the kids didn't have to wait around to start their fun. The Tower of London is perfect for the family with interesting and entertaining your guides (the Yeoman Warders or Beefeaters showed us around). It was educational and full of surprises. We all had a fantastic time while spending some moments reflecting on the significance of the thousands of poppies planted in the moat. It was stunning and moving to know that each one represents a life of a soldier, lost during the war. The kids were engaged and inspired throughout. Booking this trip was easy and we will use the site Discount London every time."
    reviewed by: Pip (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "We had never been inside the Tower of London before and were pleasantly surprised at just how much there is to see. We had a great tour when we arrived run by a very nice beefeater called Clive. Then we spent a few more hours looking at all the exhibitions which were really well executed. We had the bonus of seeing all the poppies which look amazing. "
    reviewed by: Abbie (Young Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Fantastic "

    "Brilliant day out, bought all the tickets online. Couldn't of been easier. Tower of London and Thames clipper river cruise. Will be coming back very soon to see more of our wonderful capital. "
    reviewed by: Helentanzy (Family with adult children) in Sep 2014
  • "Great service"

    "No problems with the booking. Booking was confirmed and tickets printed within the hour for same day visit."
    reviewed by: Kev (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "A wonderful day out"

    "the Tower was very busy and queues for key attractions were lengthy. However the staff were friendly and everyone was very good natured. there is masses to see and do and if you tire of 2000 years of british History the St katherines by the Tower dock is a great place to relax and enjoy the restaurants and bars. It is expensive for a family day out so i would recommend taking a picnic and plenty to drink, we ate in the royal armouries restaurant which was Ok but very pricey. on our way home we stopped at a cafe in St Katherines dock and had an equally pleasant but vastly cheaper meal. Buying tickets on line in advance was a god send despite the very demanding american lady who felt it was her role to question the small print on the tickets and tried the patience of the attendant and the rest of us itching to get on with our day."
    reviewed by: Hugh (Senior Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Fantastic day out would highly recommend to all ages"
    reviewed by: alibongo (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Smooth...."

    "Smooth transaction, smooth operation, great attraction. Straightforward purchase, easy collection routine, couldn't ask for more."
    reviewed by: Colinl (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Must See"

    "Just go with your voucher to the group ticket desk and you get your ticket! The Tower is full of tourists, a very long line to the crown jewels. But it is an amazing sights of London!"
    reviewed by: Paula (Young Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Great stop on the bus tour. "

    "Great day out, we took the tour with the Beefeater and he was spectacular. My main aim was to see the Crown Jewels and I wasn't disappointed and my husband wanted to see the Poppy's and again we were not disappointed. The cafe was spacious and clean and the gift shop had a good range of goods. I particulate liked the range of Welsh Gold jewelery. My only criticism would be that the block has been moved and replaced with a glass pillow, it looks very out of place. "
    reviewed by: The Youngs (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Excellent Day Out."

    "Buying the tickets was painless, easy and quick. I printed them off at home ( paying £5 less than at the gate!) Arriving at the Tower, the tickets were validated at the group booking kiosk and we were inside within 5 minutes. Had a wonderful day out. The whole process was quick easy and thoroughly enjoyable."
    reviewed by: Tank 95 (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower day out"

    "Efficient service - thoroughly enjoyed the day."
    reviewed by: Granny (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Great day!"

    "We enjoyed our day at the Tower. Easy to change our voucher for tickets. Too much to see in one visit but the Crown Jewels are spectacular. Good restaurant with lots of choice for lunch. "
    reviewed by: GM (Senior Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Very easy to access ticket processing timely manner. Probably best value for money attraction since being here. Alot to take in but very interesting and worth while visiting."
    reviewed by: CoMago (Young Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "We booked tickets the morning of our visit as we were already going to Buckingham Palace and thought this fitted in quite nicely. It was easy to collect the tickets (no queues) and we went straight in to the Tower. We were lucky that a tour had just started. The Yeoman Warder doing the tour was brilliant - really fun & interesting. My 6 year old was a little scared about some of the facts (particularly the beheadings!) but overall she was OK as the Yeoman made it quite funny. Seeing the jewels was obviously the main highlight and that was brilliant. We also bought the book aimed at children and my daughter really enjoyed reading it on the train home. My only gripe really was that the gift shop at the Tower was soooo expensive - we didn't buy anything at all. Overall, we had a great day out."
    reviewed by: Jo25 (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Got to the tower early and joined a tour at 11am, the beefeater was very knowledgeable and made the experience enjoyable. Had a lovely day walking round the tower, visited the crown jewels and found out lots of interesting facts. The jewel in the crown this year of course was the display of poppies all around the tower, they were a stunning sight!"
    reviewed by: Gwen (Mature Adults) in Sep 2014
  • "Informative, enjoyable & affordable"

    "I have used discount london before & found it a lot more affordable, efficient & convenient for the ticket collections.We took advantage of the tour with a beefeater called Mark who was particularly funny & informative. The queue was too long to see the crown jewels however we enjoyed a walk around the walls."
    reviewed by: Latkins (Family with adult children) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London Tickets"

    "Excellent service , we had a wonderful day out at The Tower of London"
    reviewed by: Grandma (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "Great site to purchase all your London attraction tickets and travel arrangements. Easy to use and you get to also beat the queues at some of the busy attractions. Recommended for all your London visit planning."
    reviewed by: Resident tourist (Family with young children) in Sep 2014
  • "Good value day"

    "We had a great time at the tower. No queue to get in. Very busy so we went straight for the crown jewel exhibit - good decision as queue was twice as long when we got out! Had lunch in the cafe which was very good and not expensive. Exhibits were well explained and engaging for adults and children alike. "
    reviewed by: Higginsons (Family with teenagers) in Sep 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Great day out and fantastic experience for adults and children. Lots to see and digest with educational benefits. Very good all round day out and Discount London was excellent. Many thanks"
    reviewed by: Harry B (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "We were able to enter quite swiftly. All the exhibits were clearly marked and information generally good. The dim lighting in some areas made the info difficult to read. Overall a good experience"
    reviewed by: Augusta (Senior Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Lots to see at the Tower"

    "Tickets received quickly and easy to print off. Glad we arrived early (around 9.30); no queuing. Went straight to crown jewels which was a good move as the queues were very long later. Fantastic! Yeoman tour excellent and plenty to see at the Tower, including the amazing moat of poppies. My 14 year old son and I must have spent over 4 hours there."
    reviewed by: Liz B (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "tower of london"

    "Excellent, so glad I pre purchased the tickets on line. Only queued for 5 mins and spent 4.5 hours looking around the tower. Took my daughters aged 15 and 9, we loved it, the ravens are frendly too. I advise that you go early, we went at 10 a.m.and we started to queue for the crown jewels after about half an hour of being there- we saw them almost straight away..... so glad we didn't wait till later as the queue to see them later on was horendous. Much cheaper to pre purchase the tickets."
    reviewed by: mummy b (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Fantastic day out even though it poured down! Highly recommend this visit!"
    reviewed by: Louise (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "Summer holidays so probably the busiest time to visit but still not too bad. Poppy art installation is very impressive, try to visit whilst this is still in place. Queues were a little long but enough going on around you to pass the time quickly. The White Tower is great for kids, some good interactive stuff and leave the Crown Jewels exhibition until the end of the day when the queue is at it's shortest. "
    reviewed by: Tim (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "tickets for the tower"

    "Great service , downloaded ticket, great price, really easy to do didn't need to queue up for tickets at the tower just went straight in would recommend to all the queues at the ticket terminal were long so because of these tickets we did just passed the queues"
    reviewed by: Mandyw (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "The weather the day we went to the Tower of London could have been better, but that did not spoil a very good day out at the tower . There is so much to see, and the history is very interesting. The display of Poppy's around the tower has to be seen as you cannot do it justice by trying to describe it to people. The Crown Jewels is another thing you need to see. We enjoyed the day, thank you."
    reviewed by: Buch (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London tickets"

    "The process is simple and response time is good. However, the mandatory print out of confirmation may pose problem for travellers without easy printer access."
    reviewed by: Sean Pey (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Rememberence Poppies"

    "We had a great day out at the Tower of London . Absolutely loved the poppy display. Very thought provoking knowing each poppy represents a soldier who died. "
    reviewed by: The old boot (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "fantastic day at the tower"

    "Absoluty brilliant day spent 6 hours there could have done with another 6. Great to see the poppies"
    reviewed by: claire (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Great day out!"

    "Haven't been to The Tower of London since I was a child so decided take my daughter. We were not disappointed - First off the Poppies were an incredible and moving tribute to the WW1 fallen and everybody should see it if they can. It was very busy as you would expect on a BH weekend but we still only queued for 45 minutes to see the Crown Jewells. Plenty to see, a few side shows and lots of seating make it a great day out. Food a little pricey in the cafe but it was good quality. Prices through DL £5 cheaper each than buying direct as well. Can thoroughly recommend."
    reviewed by: TL0413 (Family with adult children) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "excellent day, great being able to bypass the long ticket kiosk queues. Booking process worked like clockwork and was simple."
    reviewed by: Paul from West Midlands (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Fantastic Day Out "

    "We booked these tickets before we went down to London. There is so much to do in the Tower that we would like to go back as we did miss some of the exhibitions. I would advise taking in a picnic as the queues for food can be long. All together a grand day out."
    reviewed by: Yorkshire Lass (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Fabulous day out with the Children"

    "Took the Children to London for the day and pre-booking for the Tower of London was great. Took the vouchers to the pre-bookings desk and exchanged for tickets and activity packs for the children. There was no queue (unlike the general queue which was really busy). The online ordering service was very prompt and had the vouchers in my hand in less than an hour. Great service. Will be using Discount London again"
    reviewed by: NinjaVet (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "great day out"

    "Our trip to the Tower of London was a chance to re-visit a place we had been to before, but this time without the children and therefore we were able to take more time to see everything. It was very busy there but as it was a bank holiday weekend this was to be expected. Everything was clearly signed and the staff were very helpful. The biggest queue was for the Crown Jewels and i believe the waiting time was well over an hour. We decided to pass on this as we had seen them before and therefore we were able to spend more time at other sites around the tower. Overall a really enjoyable day spent there."
    reviewed by: Martin (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "Have a great day out, made better by not having to queue. The poppies at the tower were really moving and the whole experience was great."
    reviewed by: KQ (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "The Amazing Tower of London"

    "Fantastic, fun, educational and insightful day had by all at the Tower of London. A range of sights and activities to see and partake in, plus heaps of educational and historical info which you can easily dip in and out of as you feel appropriate. Worth having a look online ahead of your visit to plan your day but great maps and guides available on arrival. Busier parts so worth being attentive to queues to get the best out of your time (we waited until about 1700hrs to see the Crown Jewels as the crowds had gone right down and we only had a bout a five minute wait). Definitely a 'must-do' for anyone with children."
    reviewed by: Winty (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Very good"

    "Everything was nice and easy.I would reccomend."
    reviewed by: Eve (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Excellent day"

    "Booking was so simple and straight forward. At the tower we queued for only a couple of minutes even though it is school holidays. The tower is a brilliant day out and it is a full day out. So much to see and do. Very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed it and discount london made it simple and extremely good value "
    reviewed by: Linky (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Day at the tower"

    "wonderfull service excellent day out good value for money."
    reviewed by: mopatop (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Easy "

    "Had a lovely day out at Tower of London and on River Cruise, easy to pick up tickets so well organised, no problems good saving for a family of five. "
    reviewed by: 99tilly9 (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "The Tower of London is a fantastic experience for all the family. Steeped in history and made particularly special by the very enthueastic beefeater guides. Well worth a visit!"
    reviewed by: DK (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Fabulous day out!"

    "We had a wonderful day exploring the Tower of London. We were drawn to it because of the fantastic apart installation of poppies and it did not disappoint. We also wanted to see the Crown Jewels and although there was a big queue it moved swiftly. The many towers were filled with treasures but wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot to see and many stairs to contend with. I highly recommend it for a day out."
    reviewed by: Rosie in Aug 2014
  • "Great"

    "Superb, a must see part of British history."
    reviewed by: Ginner (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower tour"

    "I booked this at very late notice but was very pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole experience was. It is my first time using Discount London but most certainly not my last! A good service and a great saving! Before we book anything in the future I will be checking out their offers. Cannot recommend enough! The Tower was as great as I remember from my childhood and the Yeoman Warder tours are fabulous. A gret dy out."
    reviewed by: Willywoo (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "I purchased 2 adults and a child to see the Tower of London on Thursday 14th August 2014. By viewing some of the comments on here before I went, made it easier on the day. From the buying of the tickets to the confirmation, also when in London picking up the tickets from the group office instead of queing made a great start to the day. The suggestion of waiting for a guided tour by one of the yeomans was so true and all in with the prices of the tickets. I did'nt realise there was so much to see once inside the Tower of London and of course the added bonus was the volunteers putting the 887,000 poppies in the ground outside of the Tower of London and will keep on adding them till Rememberance day was a sight to see. I thoroughly recommend going through Discount London if you want to do anything in London, and thank you once again making it a very memorable day for me and my fiancee and Lilly for a trip that we will never forget "
    reviewed by: Peter (Family with adult children) in Aug 2014
  • "Q,Q,Q,Qs!"

    "Queue to pick up tickets for 10 min, queue to get in 15 min, queue for ice cream 15 min, queue for toilet 10 min, queue for Crown Jewels 55 min. Still worth it though! Crown Jewels a unique must see. Warders excellent entertainment, join their free tours. Lots to see and do,easy to spend best part of day here, probably best value for money in London."
    reviewed by: clarkeianr in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London visit"

    "First time booked with Discount London and had a fantastic day. Very quick and easy to book, Tower easy to access via tube. Last went to the Tower years ago. Trip still represents very good value for money. Additional bonus was the superb WW1 poppy memorial. Well worth the trip from the west country."
    reviewed by: Historybuffs (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Incarcerated in the Tower!"

    "Probably not the best time of the year to visit the Tower. Lots of queues and pretty crowded when trying to view the displays. Lots of history and helpful staff. Will return out of season (didn't see the Crown Jewels - queue too long)and hopefully see a lot more that the Tower has to offer. Would recommend booking through this site - simple and efficient service and saved time at the Entrance to the Tower."
    reviewed by: Brewster (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Fab day out"

    "We had a fantastic day at the Tower of London it was informative and educational but above all fun and entertaining. The poppies were fantastic"
    reviewed by: Sara (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Great day out"

    "It is an fantastic day out. Learnt a lot I didn't know about Tower of London."
    reviewed by: Tina (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Good Price and easy access. "

    "We booked tickets for the Tower of London and we were impressed that we didn't then have to queue to collect tickets and were able to go straight to the gate with our tickets. "
    reviewed by: mrwoody1966 (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Nan hits Tower of London"

    "I recently had the pleasure of my Nan visiting London for a few days. It was a very last minute decision and so we hadn't decided what we wanted to do. As it was the anniversary of WWI Nan was very keen to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of the London. As it had been hugely publicized on TV, I expected it to be very busy so booked ahead online. Using Discount London was very easy, saved money and saved time when exchanging my voucher for tickets. The tickets came through email fairly quickly and the queue for pre paid tickets was much smaller on the day. Although it was very busy once inside, the day was enjoyed by all."
    reviewed by: EMRICE in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    "Very efficient service. Completely avoided all the dreaded queues for the Tower of L:ondon"
    reviewed by: bill (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Great place"

    "We had a great day out at the tower of london. The tours were very good and although the que for the crown jewels was very long they were worth the wait!! Loved the history of the place. Prob wouldnt get voice guided box next time as it wasnt really worth it, wardens tour much better"
    reviewed by: Ann (Family with teenagers) in Aug 2014
  • "Great"

    "Definitely the service was precise, efficient and spot on. Most certainly will do it again , especially because of the 25% , 30% average discount prices. "
    reviewed by: Alan Page (Mature Adults) in Aug 2014
  • "Tower of London visit"

    "Value for money and a very enjoyable visit. However, the cafe was too small for the great numbers of visitors and the food was overpriced and of bad quality. "
    reviewed by: Kate Hart, Dany Ludwig (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Brilliant Day Out"

    "I booked this for my Dads Birthday. We had a great day looking around. We didn't have to que as we had pre booked tickets. I would use Discount London again. Confirmation email was sent in 10 minutes and we were ready to go in the morning. Fantastic place to visit. "
    reviewed by: Stacey (Family with young children) in Aug 2014
  • "Fast tracked entry was refreshing after seeing the queues for tickets"

    "We were so glad that we had pre-purchased our entry tickets after we saw the queues. It was early morning and the volume of people wanting tickets was large and rapidly growing. We avoided having to stand in the heat and was fast tracked straight through the entrance into the tower of London to enjoy our visit. #PERFECT #SOEASY :)"
    reviewed by: Karrots (Family with teenagers) in Jul 2014
  • "Tower"

    "excellent day out with my young adult family. well worth the money and booking on line to avoid having to que."
    reviewed by: Tower Time (Family with adult children) in Jul 2014
  • "History was very interesting."

    "This was well done and a must see in London. The guided tour gives that extra but of fun with facts!"
    reviewed by: NM Traveler (Mature Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "Tower Of London"

    "It was a good day out, last time I was there was about 45 years ago. Lot to see with plenty of information"
    reviewed by: Bill (Senior Adults) in Jul 2014
  • "Loved it!"

    "The Beefeater's tour of the Tower of London was fabulous -- a great start to our visit and recommended to all regardless of whatever else you come to see. Everything was accessible, not overly crowded for high season. We really enjoyed it and our ten-year-old was enthralled. "
    reviewed by: Mary (Family with young children) in Jun 2014
  • "Steeped in history..."

    "Place was packed as you can imagine, but the glimpse into history the Tower offers you is unmissable. We didn't get to see it all unfortunately, as the queues had my children tired and fed up by the time we had visited a few areas - that miffed me as a history fan so I will go back child-free one day. It was lovely to see the Crown Jewels, and buying from here means you are fast-tracked in through the group tickets entrance. "
    reviewed by: Mrs E. (Family with young children) in Jun 2014
  • "Tower of London"

    reviewed by: george (Family with teenagers) in May 2014
  • "Fantastic experience"

    "I'm glad I bought my tickets through Discount London as they were cheaper, and also because I hadn't had to queue for ages to collect my tickets! Tower of London was a fantastic experience, historically rich and like an actual little world apart from modern London."
    reviewed by: CB (Young Adults) in May 2014
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